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New Clients Welcomed at El Paseo Animal Hospital

We are currently accepting new clients. If we’ve cared for your pet in the past, we thank you for trusting us and look forward to seeing you again at El Paseo Animal Hospital.

New Clients Welcome!

Our practice is located in the Palms to Pines West Shopping Center on El Paseo in Palm Desert.

El Paseo Animal Hospital offers full-service veterinary care including dentistry, surgery, and tailored care for senior pets as well as care for puppies and kittens. Expert care is available for dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotics and more!

Before your first visit to our clinic, we recommend that you fill out our New Client Form. This provides us with basic information about you and your pet which we can then keep on file for future visits. Not only does this help us be more informed about your pet’s info, it will also save you time during your first visit - you won’t have to fill the form out while you’re at the office!

At your pet’s first visit, we’ll establish a health baseline and get to know your pet’s unique needs, allowing you to share with us everything that makes them special and any specific care needs they may have, including prior health conditions.

From there, we look forward to forming a close bond with you and your pet for the remainder of their happy and healthy life, ensuring that preventable issues are prevented and any health problems that do spring up are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Have questions about your first appointment with El Paseo Animal Hospital? Contact us today!

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